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More Action To Tackle Abuse


BBC Education Article – How To Teach Children About Abuse ' 'Share Some Secrets' is an animation which teaches children how to speak out about abuse. The video is based the book of the same name by author Christina Gabbitas. Speaking to BBC...

The story that helps children speak out about abuse

Some secrets are worth keeping. A surprise birthday party for Granny, absolutely. An uncle peeking under your dress, definitely not. That’s the clear message in Share Some Secrets, a book by children’s author Christina Gabbitas. The story has just been animated by...

Our Speaker: Christina Gabbitas Launches Safeguarding Animation

Children's author and speaker at the Royal Armouries 'Reach Out, Speak Out' conference from Selby has teamed up with students to launch an animated project and help young children speak out about abuse. Christina Gabbitas wrote Share Some Secrets to help children in...


"What can you say about Christina? Absolutely everything because she is so focussed on achieving what she sets out to do. Drive, determination and passion lead to a fantastic outcome. A real role model."

Russ Piper CEO Sovereign Healthcare 

"Christina deserves the highest level of recognition from the NSPCC for her dedication and unstinting enthusiasm. She is a wonderful lady who is passionate about safeguarding whilst conveying a love of reading which can open up so many new worlds for our children"

Ali Jeremy, Director of Communications, NSPCC

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